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Embark to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with this 120 MM water globe featuring Hogwarts castle. This highly detailed miniature replica of the school of witchcraft and wizardry provides a majestic backdrop in this inspired scene.

  • Waterball
  • 7.1in H
  • Hand painted and crafted
  • Miniature Hagrid's Hut and Hippogriff sculpted on exterior base
  • Hogwarts Seal in bronze color caps the waterglobe
  • Opalescent glitter glistens when shaken
  • 120MM size. Height 6"

Product Details

UOM: 2 EA min. 4 EA ctn. 1 EA inr.

Packaging: 1 EA Gift Box

Material: Glass

Measurements: 7.1in H x 5.3in W x 5.5in L Wt. 4 lbs

Hogwarts Castle w/ Hagrid Hut WW of Harry Potter

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